Laptop Repairs in Dorking from JW Systems

At JW Systems in Dorking, we perform laptop repairs on all common manufacturer systems including Toshiba, Dell, Acer and many more. The typical laptop has an average lifespan of around three to five years although many users experience some type of system failure within this time. Our trained professionals and high-grade workers undertake a full range of common laptop repairs for customers in a 20-mile radius of our central Surrey base. We are here to help keep your current laptop working, maintained and primed for optimum performance.


Trying to find a replacement power supply or battery for a laptop isn’t as easy as it first seems. Even the larger PC stores struggle to buy in new power cables and usually stock generic alternatives that fail within months. Anybody who has tried to purchase a replacement battery on websites such as eBay will already know that they rarely last more than a few weeks before they need replacing again. At JW Systems, we install high quality replacement batteries and source the best replacement power cables from our own trusted suppliers.


Our laptop repairs include the replacement of cracked or non-working screens. The portable nature of laptops means that they are highly susceptible to breakages when dropped. If your current model is outside of warranty, or if you don’t have it covered by your home contents insurance, finding a replacement screen for a laptop and having it fitted can be expensive. JW Systems helps customers throughout Surrey, including Leatherhead, by replacing damaged laptop screens using high quality replacement parts at affordable prices. 


Losing critical data from your laptop could result in an important project or a piece of work having to be rewritten in full. Commercial software programmes that claim to recover lost data rarely perform well and many even contain harmful malware that takes over your system and causes further problems. As part of our laptop repair and computer services, JW Systems use advanced diagnostic equipment to identify the reasons why data has been lost and to provide faster file recovery.


More computer users than ever are storing large amount of data on their laptops. Music, video and photographic files take up large amounts of disc space and before too long, users have to buy external hard drives for the computer and this ultimately makes the portable experience less portable. At JW Systems, we install new hard drives as a specialist computer service that instantly expands system memory and increases the number of files a computer can store. We also provide laptop memory upgrades that speed up application loading times.

  • Laptop Computer Repairs

  • Power Socket Troubleshooting

  • New Power Supplies

  • Cracked Screen Replacement

  • Keyboard Replacements

  • Data Recovery Services

  • Hard Drive Repairs

  • Hard Drive Replacements

  • New Laptop Batteries

  • Laptop Memory Upgrades