Desktop PC Repairs in Dorking from JW Systems

Desktop computers, particularly in the world of business and small office/home office enterprises, provide superior reliability and handle higher work volumes than laptop equivalents. When a desktop fails, it often compromises workplace productivity. For those who produce most of their work online, this is highly inconvenient. At JW Systems in Dorking, we undertake PC repairs in Leatherhead for all desktop models. Our computer services extend throughout Dorking, Leatherhead, Surrey and we provide repairs for domestic customers as well as our business clients.


The motherboard contains important computer components within a printed circuit board frame. It is the central hub of a computer and connects other boards together, such as the sound card, the video card and the optical drives. When the motherboard fails, it is the hardest component within a desktop computer to troubleshoot. JW Systems undertakes motherboard repairs that address common issues such as voltage spikes, fan failure, dust and age.


As you add more software to your computer and your system has to crunch more information, loading times increase and this makes the user experience frustrating. As part of our PC computer repair services, we upgrade memory so that your system processes data faster. The result is significantly faster loading times that make computer use more enjoyable, rewarding and productive. We also repair, upgrade and replace computer hard drives.


One of the most common reasons for computer failure is cable problems. At JW Systems, we make cable testing an important part of our PC repairs and we provide full diagnostics throughout Leatherhead and the surrounding Surrey area. Our specialists identify which cables are working correctly and which ones aren’t. As part of our desktop PC repair services, we provide like-for-like replacements on all damaged cables.

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